Book Review: Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet

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An in-depth look at topics covered in the book. 

The International Ecotourism Club reviewed Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet, a book published by Megan Epler Wood, Program Director of our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative.

The review takes a deep dive into the implications Megan raised in the book:


If you were elected to public office and suddenly installed as head of the tourism ministry without previous professional experience of the travel sector (it does happen) and only a vague idea of sustainability, then this densely written book can be your crash course on how the tourism sector works and what exactly it would take – and how difficult it really is - to make it sustainable. But it is an equally useful and thought-provoking work for seasoned and aspiring tourism sustainability professionals, as it includes detailed praise and criticism of a wide range of stakeholders trying, some harder than others, to make tourism greener.”

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May 15, 2017

International Ecotourism Club

Photo: Pixabay | 12019 | Public Domain