Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

As the world around us rapidly changes, and the tourism industry reaches ten percent of global GDP, scientists must more actively share knowledge so we can better protect the communities who call popular tourist destinations home.   

But because the industry operates across a wide spectrum of societiespoliticsand geography, there is no unified data to measure how tourism impacts resources, land-usebiodiversity, or the long-term well-being of communities 

We work to solve this problem by designing tools that integrate ecotourism and mainstream tourism data into a unified system of indicators that can help policy makers and businesses make decisions that protect human health and the environment.  We research sustainable business reporting and develop business case studies designed to inform the next generation of business leaders.


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Building Consensus for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism


Great science alone does not create change, especially if it does not reach the people who make decisions that affect our health. That’s why our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative (ISTI) performs global outreach via presentations, scientific papers, a new book, and business case studies to present a new paradigm of science-based reporting for policy makers in charge of tourism destinations.... Read more about Building Consensus for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism

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