As an investigator in the  fields of air pollution, climate change, and respiratory health, the Center is an important source of expertise and multi-disciplinary collaboration. It is an honor to serve on the faculty committee of the Center.”

Dr. Mary Rice, Instructor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

We cannot solve the greatest challenges to health by working in isolation. As the world around us rapidly changes, scientists must more actively share their knowledge so we can better protect our health.  

The Center for Health and the Global Environment is a home for innovative researchers and educators who explore how to create environments that promote health. We bring innovative ideas, funders, collaborators, and opportunities to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

We want to collaborate with champions across the world to build a foundation of scholarship and teaching to improve people’s health. Speak to our Center’s leadership about new opportunities to join us. Together, we can find new opportunities and resources to advance each other’s work and accelerate change for a healthier world. Contact us here