Farm-Raised Fish: Do the Benefits Outweigh The Risks?

SalmonBarton Seaver responds after thousands of farmed salmon escaped a fish farm. 

In late August 2017, thousands of hatchery salmon escaped a fish farm in Washington state. This fish spill has some people asking about the environmental and economic costs, as well as the benefits, of raising fish this way. 

Jeannie Yandel of Northwest Public Radio invited Barton Seaver, Program Director of our Sustainable Seafood and Health Initiative and Renee Erickson, a Seattle chef, to discuss benefits and issues surrounding aquaculture. 

Why is farm-raised seafood vital, even given some environmental risks? 

Globally farm-raised seafood accounts for more than 50% of the seafood that we eat. Furthermore, what we are beginning to understand the vital and necessary role that aquaculture … can play in the future of our food systems is astonishing. While we certainly address issues that are occurring on regional and local levels, it’s vitally important that we also address the larger issue of aquaculture as a whole and try to understand understand the positive virtues of both economic and public health that they represent.” —Barton Seaver

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August 24, 2017

Northwest Public Radio

Photo by Pixabay | guisatory | Public Domain