Tourism and Environmental Health in a Changing Climate

We cannot solve the greatest challenges to health by working in isolation. That is why we provide entrepreneurs and government ministries with ways to measure, report, and mitigate environmental and climate change impacts on communities that are dependent on tourism.

As we face the growing probability that climate change will undermine the enormous value of tourism investments worldwide, and as the impacts of climate change continue to escalate, nations and entrepreneurs have barely begun to deliberate on the impacts climate change will have on tourism-dependent countries and their communities. We accelerate the response by helping industry measure, report, mitigate, and adapt in order to garner the substantial human and financial resources required to help local destinations decarbonize and deploy proven approaches to environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

To this end, we have launched a global dialogue between industries, governments, and universities who can, together, inform evidence-based decisions for building the sustainable infrastructure communities need to support tourism. Our conversations also contribute to nations’ processes for implementing their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Climate Agreement.


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