Saving the Heart and Soul of Tourism Destinations

TouristOur Director of Sustainable Tourism weighs in on over tourism and protecting our most beloved landmarks. 


Why are tourism destinations becoming so crowded and what is being done about it? Politico Magazine stated in early 2017, “Amsterdam tries to stem tourist flood and save its soul” and “Barcelona declares war on tourism.” The Independent reported on “the death of Venice” in 2015. These cities have seen dramatic escalation in visitation that needs attention. Global travelers and the industry are taking note. In the well-appointed conference rooms of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) Summit meeting in Bangkok this year, industry leaders expressed growing concern. WTTC has hired McKinsey and Company to research this question and search for a path forward. The study will certainly reveal what many tourists know, there is little crowd control and poor management in many destinations.

But consider this — if some of the richest municipal governments in the world are struggling with the capacity to analyze, regulate and manage what is known as “overtourism” what will happen in burgeoning economies where double digit tourism growth is not uncommon. This is the ticking time bomb."

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May 22, 2017

Megan Epler Wood

Huffington Post

Photo by: Pixabay | StockSnap | Public Domain