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The environments in which we live are changing fast. To keep people healthy and alive, we must prevent diseases caused by turbulent weather, pollution, and increasingly crowded cities.


Conduct Research With Us

Students who work with the Center for Health and the Global Environment will learn the latest research techniques and have opportunities to connect with leading edge thinkers in global businesses and governments. You can join others who are focused on the connection between people, their health, and their surroundings, and developing the tools needed to realize the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Contact the Center and learn more about how you can conduct research with the Center and learn from our faculty and partners.
You can become the next leader conducting forward-looking science to anticipate health crises—and ways to prevent them.  

Get Your Master's Degree With Us

We train current and future leaders to rigorously evaluate and enhance the way our surroundings affect our health.

Students who take part in our 3-semester Master of Public Health degree in Sustainablity, Health, and the Global Enviornment at the Harvard Chan School learn to mitigate health risks associated with environmental and occupational hazards, and provide evidence for sound policies by using an interdiscliplinary methodology. 

Core concepts include:

  • Human health and global environmental change
  • Impact of buildings on health, productivity, and sustainability
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Energy and the environment

Contact Dr. Joseph Allen for more information about getting your degree in Sustainablity, Health, and the Global Enviornment at the Harvard Chan School, and click here to learn how to apply. 

You can join a new generation of professional leaders addressing the health challenges of climate change, sustainability, and social justice. 

Take Courses With Us

As the world around us rapidly changes, scientists must more actively share their knowledge so we can better protect our health.

We are a home for innovative researchers and educators who explore how to create environments that promote health. Many of our program directors and researchers offer courses that build a foundation of rigorous science and bring together people from different backgrounds to learn and share new ideas that improve the places in which we live.

Browse all of the courses offered by the Center’s staff and researchers, which you can find on each program’s page, or contact us for more information. 

By learning together, we can discover and share the knowledge needed to create a healthier world. 

Advance Your Career With Us

All organizations must undertake an extraordinary increase in the pace, volume, and depth of change needed to protect human health and the environment. To address this challenge, we offer a selective four-day executive education program for sustainability leadership.  

In our Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership program we position sustainability as the ideal challenge for building every organization’s fitness, relevance, and value for the 21st centuryAttendees gain mastery in a powerful new framework designed to increase rates of engagement, change, and innovation across their organization.

We seek leaders with an appetite for going beyond “doing less bad” by mastering a new kind of high-impact sustainability leadership that will transform organizations into agile, innovative, purpose-driven enterprises. We welcome leaders with sustainability as their core focus and leaders with broader portfolios that are seeking the evidence and tools to drive sustainability into the core of their organizations mission and business.

Learn more about our Executive Education program and contact us for more information.