Why You Should Read Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet by Megan Epler Wood

Machu PicchuJustin Francis, CEO, Responsible Travel, talks withthe Sustainability Leaders Project about why Megan's book is essential reading for tourism professionals.

The Sustainability Leaders Project spoke with Justin Francis, CEO, Responsible Travel, to learn why he thinks Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet, a book by the Director of our International Sustainable Tourism Initiative, Megan Epler Wood, is essential reading for governments and tourism professionals.


How does Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet change the way the travel and tourism industry is presented by business and government?

It’s clear to all of us working in this sector that, despite it being one of the world’s largest industries and employers, tourism has not been taken as seriously by policy makers and government as it should be. These leaders have failed to understand how the industry really works, and the positive and negative impacts it has on destinations and local people.

Many of those in the tourism business have been able to turn a blind eye to sustainability issues, but are now finding them impossible to escape as it threatens their potential for growth. The strength of the arguments in this book help move sustainable tourism from the periphery to become a central strategic issue in government and board rooms.

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October 7, 2017

Sustainability Leaders Project

Photo: Pixabay | LoggaWiggler | Public Domain